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‘Beo Ceol’ means ‘life music’, 'live music' or ‘lively music’ in Irish. I’ve given the classes this name as this is the purpose… to bring music to life and to inspire the musician to express and enjoy music. We learn all about music… about notes, chords, theory, songs, singing, rhythm and instruments. At the core of it, it’s all about enjoying playing piano and the journey… it’s music for life. There is a team of many musicians playing in the music room in Salthill each week, all enjoying music in their own ways.


- Fun & all round approach to music

- Piano for beginners & experienced players

- No grades, just songs & playing for fun


Learning Music:

- Learn the foundations of music through chords and scales 

- Free play and playing by ear

- Play any known songs of your choice & modern piano pieces

- Make up your own songs!

- Play along with drum Rhythms & guitar

Brenda Flannery
Music Teacher

I began playing when I was 7, I did the grades throughout school though my real passion now is just playing songs for fun. It has given me hours of freedom and enjoyment, in my own company and with friends.


I had piano teaching guidance from Eamonn Murray of Galway. I'm very grateful to Eamonn for sharing his approach to music with me. It's all about fun, expression and a journey through life with music.

I play for enjoyment and that is the approach I share. For me it's about finding the balance between fun and learning solid foundation of music theory with a chord playing approach. Everyone has the seed of music within them, it's about giving it space, watering it and letting things grow!

Here is a link to Brenda's album 'Landscapes' on Spotify:

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